Work Life Balance: Do You Believe in It?

Do you believe in work life balance? The freedom to do what you want, when you want, and how you want it without sacrificing your business? Or do you feel like freedom is just an illusion created by the lack of a strict schedule and high level of stress that comes with work. This blog post will explore what freedom means for entrepreneurs who are striving to find their perfect blend between personal time and business time.

The definition of freedom is different for everybody.

The people that are the most successful work all the time. This doesn’t mean that they never sit around, relax or go on vacation. Rather, they never turn off their work-mode because it’s so hardwired into their mind and they are doing what they love all the time.

Work and life, life and work.

The line between professional and personal life has intermingle with each other, making it more difficult to separate the two. Recent years, the term “work-life balance” was a hot topic on everyone. The concept of work-life balance is still meaningful but the term itself is outdated. These days, work and life can seem inseparable. We, as people, strive for success in blending our work and personal lives.

In reality, our commitments cannot be separated. Instead of coming apart from each other, they come together and influence one another. In short, they BLEND. The idea of work life blends refers to the understanding that both work and personal life have an impact on each other. Acknowledging your work blends with your life leads to an empowering experience.

The major difference is that balancing separates work and personal life, while blending works to integrate them. Blending work and life ensures that you can balance each effectively. Blending is taking one part business time with two parts personal time and then deciding from day-to-day which is more important at that particular moment.

Blending is freedom, but not as much freedom as a business owner may want or that they need to be successful at work life balance. Balancing on the other hand means having equal parts of time for your personal and business lives with scheduled days off in between which can create more freedom than blending does.

However, as with anything in life, it varies from person to person. What works for one may not work for another.

Neither balance nor blending, what’s key is creating a lifestyle that suits both your work and personal life, and that we set clear objectives for our performance. In the end, we are all different and have different goals.

What do you believe in? Work-life balance or work-life blend? Write it into the comments section below!

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