The BEST Tool To Use For Webinar Training

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Are you looking for the best tool to use for webinar training? Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or someone who is looking to get into webinars but doesn’t have any experience with them yet, this blog post has something for everyone! Learn how these tools can be your key to success.

Webinars are a great way to reach out to potential customers, or even just train employees on new software that will help them do their jobs better. Using a webinar tool for webinars can allow you to see who is watching and where they are coming from, as well as the type of browser that they are using. Webinars are a great way to deliver a lot of value and you can do them for free or charge a price.

In this blog post, I’ll share 3 tools for conducting webinars so we can find the best one for you as well as other great resources worth checking out on how to conduct an effective webinar that brings relevant leads into your business. And if you’d like my personal assistance with your next event invitation campaign or corporate video production project, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The BEST Tool To Use For Webinar Training so you’ll be ready for your next Webinar


WebinarJam is the newest online training platform from Infusionsoft that helps you host interactive webinars in minutes without any coding or design experience necessary. With this easy-to-use software tool, users can create their own customized webinar just by adding text, images, and videos into a simple timeline interface – no technical skills required! Plus it automatically syncs everything together so if someone joins late they’ll still be up to date on what’s going on.

WebinarJam is software that allows you to host webinars for free. Webinar employs a unique way of broadcasting webinars to your audience so that everyone can see and hear the speaker live, without having to download anything. Besides, it uses all the latest technology to ensure that webinars are always of the highest quality.

How It Works

WebinarJam utilizes Chrome’s latest technology to broadcast live video and audio to everyone in your audience, without having to download anything at all. All you need is a computer or laptop with an internet connection and speakers. Webinar Jam also makes it easy for attendees who want to ask questions by using their webcam so they can see themselves on screen as well. For this reason, we highly recommend sessions that allow Q&A time during webinars because people feel more connected when they know there will be some interaction provided for them too!

You also get other features such as a countdown timer, polls, surveys, and webinar registration that make it easier for your audience to find out more information about the webinar in advance.

Tons of Templates

WebinarJam offers templates so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how everything works. There are over 50 different designs with layouts and animations tailored specifically for business professionals who want a polished look. The template library is constantly updated too! You can also customize any template you like and make them your own by changing colors or uploading graphics if desired – all from just within the Infusionsoft account dashboard where Webinars live too!


  • It has tons of templates for you to use in your webinars
  • You can customize any template with colors or graphics if desired from the Infusionsoft account dashboard where Webinars live too!
  • You have access to polls, surveys, and registration that makes it easier for your audience to find out more information about the webinar.

WebinarJam’s features make it very easy to create professional-looking presentations while also making them simple and quick – without ever needing any design skills at all! That’s right! no graphic designer needed here because WebinarJam does everything automatically. Plus, since it’s built on top of Infusionsoft (the # leading webinar and sales CRM), there’s never any need for IT support.


GoToWebinar is software designed by Citrix Systems which allows you to host webinars. You get access to unlimited sessions per month as well as many other useful tools like recording chats or even replays so you can watch later if you missed something while attending the live event. With GoToWebinar, you don’t have to use the full version, just set up a free account and make it easy for your webinar attendees to join.

You don’t have to worry about webinar attendees not being able to join your session anymore, because GoToWebinar is compatible with many different web browsers including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The best part about using GoToWebinar is that there are no hidden fees for webinars. The software itself does cost money upfront, but unlike most other webinar solutions; there are no additional costs after that! That means once you’ve paid for it at first sign up, you’re done paying forever.

It doesn’t matter how many people attend your webinar either, Citrix takes care of all bandwidth charges so neither you nor any participants have to pay anything extra on top of what they’ve already paid.


  • You can host webinars in HD video quality and audio.
  • With GoToWebinar, you’re never on your own screen! Your attendees have the ability to see your slides as well as chat with other participants in real-time while they are viewing what’s happening at home or from their office.
  • It is easy for everyone to join a session–simply type in the URL of the webinar into any browser and hit enter. Participants don’t need an account or registration information before joining unlike most other webinar software solutions) so it makes participation even easier than expected!
  • With Citrix GoToWebinar, there’s no limit on the number of people in your room so you can provide business training or other technical presentations to as many employees (or customers) are needed! This is an indispensable tool for any entrepreneur who wants their team trained quickly and efficiently.
  • Allows you to share any type of file with anyone in the room or on the web–no matter what format it’s in.
  • You have complete control over how many attendees should be allowed into your webinar at any given time so if too many people are all trying to join, they’ll get an error message explaining that there is no more space available.
  • Connects your webinar participants together through voice.

If these features don’t seem like enough benefits already, Citrix also offers customer support around the clock seven days a week from their offices across Europe and North America! For those who prefer email correspondence when contacting companies instead of live chat sessions–you’re going to love this.


Zoom is the most popular webinar software on the market and it’s easy to see why. It offers a few different pricing tiers for their webinars so you can purchase one that is perfectly suited to your needs no matter how big or small they are! The most basic tier starts at $100 per month but if you have an annual subscription, this will only cost $800 which is still significantly cheaper than other popular webinar platforms out there. It also has all of the features we mentioned in our previous example with Citrix such as being able to share any type of file (even those not supported by some other programs) and giving attendees control over entry into the event.

What sets Zoom apart from its competitors? It has the most intuitive interface of all webinar software out there.
  • It’s easy to organize your slides and content in any order that you need which is great for business owners who are looking to present at a conference but don’t want their presentation available publicly on the internet!
  • With Zoom, it will only show up when people register for an event so if you’re presenting at another company’s event, no one will be able to find your talk unless they have access through the registration process.

Zoom also offers some features that others do not such as giving viewers control over whether or not they would like subtitles during presentations and having more than just video calls, it also has interactive screen-sharing sessions with text chat overlay.


  • Video conferencing
  • Web collaboration
  • chat with text overlay
  • screen sharing and control of a participant’s computer mouse or keyboard.

Zoom requires at least two participants to initiate a call but also allows for group meetings, which can be as large as 30 people. As long as everyone has the software installed on their computers, they will all have access without any lag time during presentations (as opposed to other services that do not support this many individuals). This program is powerful because it makes recording live webinars easy and accessible and you are able to share recordings after your event from anywhere in the world! It offers features such as interactive polling questions so attendees can answer anonymously right within the meeting space.

With features such as video sharing, recording capabilities, and meeting scheduler in the form of an app for scheduling meetings through phone calls, this might be just what you’re looking for!

What tool do you use for your webinars? Write it in the comment section below!

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