An Overview on Speaking Funnels and How To Be a Successful Speaker

How To Be a Successful Speaker Completely Explained

When you’re a successful professional speaker, and your work’s success depends primarily on your ability to present yourself, you need to ensure that you’re making the right steps in your practice. The idea of walking in a conference to perform a 45-minute keynote address and receiving a standing ovation is far from being a simplistic achievement. Before you can reach a seemingly casual and no-effort level of success, you need to understand the ins and outs of presenting yourself.

Sales Funnels Help Speaker Monetize Their Public Speaking

Every industry has a distinct business model which every establishment emulates with their own. While there may be unique approaches to this template, the integral parts typically remain the same. These templates generally involve the application of a marketing strategy to specific audiences.

As a speaker, you have a niche target market to cater to. Whether your expertise is in the field of sports coaching, business consulting, or academic lecturing, there’s a target demographic you should focus on. Using a sales funnel approach, you can utilize specific strategies to integrate into your programs and presentations.

In this article, we’ll share three strategies you can use to be a successful speaker.

1. Utilize Audience Engagement

how to be a successful speaker

Keynote presentations aren’t interchangeable with breakout sessions. However, the two should work together to reinforce your appeal as a speaker. Starting with a keynote speech sets the tone for the event, allowing you to inspire and educate your audience about your chosen topic. While it can attract and grab your audience’s attention, it can be drawn out and boring without the right material. This is why breakout sessions are a necessary way to engage with your clients and them with each other.

Breakout sessions are more interactive and allow you to make a more meaningful connection with your audience. Their participation in your lecture through examples, demonstrations, and other means lets them engage with your topic for better memory recall. This also helps you bring up conversation points later for business networking after your presentation.

2. Create Funnel Opportunities to Monetize Your Public Speaking

Create Funnel Opportunities to Monetize Your Public Speaking

Once you’ve got your audience engaged with breakout portions of your presentation, this is the best opportunity to offer your expertise in other areas of your field. For example, you can gloss over the basics of employee management to give your audience the impression that you have more knowledge on these topics. It’s an effective way of proposing a tangent topic without steering away from your main subject. This lets your audiences understand that you have more tricks up your sleeve, increasing your value as a speaker for other events in the future. These funnel opportunities can attract invites to other events from other people besides your event’s organizers, and give you an opportunity to monetize your public speaking.

3. Leverage Your Networking Advantage

Leverage Your Networking Advantage

Remember that your chances of getting more work don’t end once you’ve taken your bow and left the stage. There are numerous networking opportunities you can make before and after your presentation.

This is why it’s advisable to space out your bookings accordingly if you’re presenting in several places on the same day. Besides giving you a chance to catch your breath, you allow participants and organizers to have more intimate conversations with you without a large audience. Use these instances of small talk to highlight your market value for other business opportunities.

How To Be a Successful Speaker

You can’t achieve success as a speaker if you’re unwilling to integrate different approaches to highlight your professional expertise, especially in today’s digitally advanced market. The strategies above are just some of the many ways you can innovate your career’s approach to achieving greater renown and credibility as a speaker. Thankfully, you don’t have to start with the basics of marketing 101 to apply these concepts to your business model.

Developing your business strategy is an essential step to improve your reach and discover new business opportunities. At Pro Speaker Funnel, we provide easy-to-follow funnels for speakers and course creators to optimize your career’s trajectory. If you want to gain more leads and speak at more events, contact us today!