Speakers: You Are Astounding Super Hero to Someone

Blast with Confidence and Credibility

We’ve all seen the movies where a superhero saves the day, but what about those who walk among us? If you’re someone who is called upon to speak in front of an audience, you can also be a SUPERHERO.

You might not have any superpowers or wear tights and a cape – but even if your name isn’t Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman – your words are POWERFUL!

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to become that superhero on stage while speaking to an audience. If you’re on stage, and you’ve got the microphone, all of a sudden, you become a SUPERHERO! People believe that you have something special because you’re standing on stage and sharing information.

No matter what kind of information you’re sharing – if it’s a story about how to cook an egg or teaching someone phrases from another language – when people hear your voice and listen to your words, they start believing that you know something special. And just like our favorite superheroes, we all need some help sometimes!

People today are looking for more than “satisfaction”. They want an almost mythical superhero that can help them solve their problems—and they want you to be that hero. They want you to be that superhero who will help them save time, make their budget stretch farther, and teach them the “How” in their life.

One of the most powerful skills a presenter has is being able to motivate people with his/her words—to let people know they can do anything! Every speech needs a goal or call-to-action so your audience knows exactly what comes next after hearing your message.

I’ve never been more cognizant of my responsibility as a speaker. As I stand on stage, I reflect on the life lesson to become this superhero and how it can speak to others. One of the first things I realized after giving many speeches about my profession is that it’s not for me, it has to do with the people who are present in the audience and how they connect with what I have to say and apply it in their lives.

Superpowers and tights not required. Just power of words!

So what is my superpower?

When I speak on the stage and connect with an audience, there’s little that can stand in my way of shining bright and being heard as a speaker who has found their true calling. And when they believe me – it becomes even more powerful because anything is possible! You will know if this resonates with you too when your voice rings out clear as day.

My tights?

A suit and tie or jeans-and-T shirt combo! It doesn’t matter how old I am or where I’m speaking from because all that matters is our connection to one another through the power of words.”

“The person who needs you the most might not be the person you expect.”

That’s a quote from BrenĂ© Brown and it makes me think of everything I do as a speaker…sharing my message with an audience who needs to hear it, supporting other speakers on stage or engaging in thoughtful conversations where we share what we know.

When people need our help, most will never ask for us – so when the opportunity comes up to make that connection happen through speaking and listening, there is no question in my mind about why this superhero gig feels like coming home again each time.

Now, are you ready?

Your superpowers just might change lives!

The person who needs you most might be sitting right in front of you, listening with their heart wide open and waiting for the hero they know is coming. Be brave enough – believe in yourself enough – so that when it’s time, your voice will ring out clear as day.

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