Proven Sales Funnel Templates for a Speaking Business

Sales Funnels are important because they demonstrate the steps your customer has to take before they become a buyer. There are different types of sales funnels you can use. Each of them is different yet usable in nearly any organization.

You just need to look for a system that works for you. Each of these funnels has a different goal and structure. In this article, we are going to provide a detailed guide on each one of them and why they are important for building a speaking business.

1. The Product Launch Funnel

The Product Launch Funnel

The product launch funnel is easy enough to execute. The goal is for the company to hype its customers up for the next event or project. For example, you created an eBook explaining the secret to eternal youth.

The eBook shall discuss the secret to achieving a youthful appearance. To launch your products, you need to create a series of product launch videos as part of a sales page that explains the product thoroughly. Make sure to brainstorm on the video.

Be creative and use your imagination. Shoot the video through whiteboard presentations or with you on camera. The goal is to create a compelling video that will encourage customers to learn about your project.

2. The Email Opt-In Funnel

The Email Opt-In Funnel

You just need three things to create this funnel. First, you need a landing page to lead your customers to submit their emails.

All you need is their email address. Adding more details or forcing them to make an account can deter them from submitting it. You can request other information, such as the first name, as long as you don’t ask for too much information.

The second thing you’ll have to create is a thank you page that opens up once they’ve sent their email. The last step is the email response to verify their submission. The process should take care of itself once the steps have been set up.

3. The Membership Funnel

The Membership Funnel

The membership funnel is another funnel you can set up. You can set up different tier memberships, like a paid membership with VIP services.

To set it up, you need two pages. The first page should contain the registration page, where users are required to enter their information and become a member. Verify the email before you take them to the second page. The second page should only be accessible through a link sent to their verified email.

4. The Webinar Funnel

The Webinar Funnel

The webinar is the product and you can charge the attendees a fee to be part of the webinar. To set up the funnel, you will need a webinar registration page and a thank you page immediately afterward.

Afterward, send them 3-5 emails to remind them of the webinar before it happens. Lastly, send them either to the live webinar area, or the auto-webinar area. Afterward, if you have a product, you send them to the order or subscription page.

Using Funnels to Build a Speaking Business

Sales funnels are important to see the flow of profit and how you gain customers. May these samples guide you in creating a sales funnel appropriate for your needs. All of them are functional; you just need to pick one that works for you.

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