Marketing for Fitness Businesses Using the Funnel

Businesses from all industries are beginning to shift their attention from in-person to online. Marketing your business in the virtual world is essential if you want to stay on top of the game and stand a chance against your competition. As a personal trainer, you can’t be left behind! If you want to expand your business, you need to get up, get moving, and go online.

Being an Online Personal Trainer

Especially in today’s digital age, where everything and anything can be done and found online, you also need to revamp your business to adapt to your clients’ changing behaviors.

In that vein, why not be an online personal trainer?

Opening your business online instead of sticking to in-person training sessions leads to more opportunities for you while also leaving room for you to grow. Now is the best time to open yourself to growth and opportunity!

Attracting Customers and Getting Them to Buy

Building an online presence is easier said than done. You may have many helpful health tips and fitness strategies to share—but your knowledge is useless if there’s no one to listen to you!

There are many creative ways you can attract your potential client’s attention, but when it comes to business, it’s the followthrough that matters most. As such, how do you convert their interest into action?

The answer is simple: leverage a proper marketing funnel!

Funneling Your Way to the Top

A marketing funnel is a strategy that takes your potential customer through the journey from learning about your business to purchasing your services on a regular basis.

Converting your target audience into customers may sound complicated and maybe even impossible, but don’t worry! Just make use of this funnel for coaches to make generating leads and acquiring clients easier.

Step 1: Awareness

The first stage is about getting the public to be aware of your services. To achieve this, consider sending out a video sales letter. Instead of the standard sales letter, this is much more engaging and impactful. Depending on how you produce the video, you can attract your target audience, build rapport, and generate leads!

Step 2: Interest

Once you’ve caught their attention, it’s time to intrigue them. Your customers will want to learn more about your services and any other helpful information. This stage offers you an opportunity to develop a relationship with your lead and give more details about your business.

You can effectively promote your coaching offers through an email course! You can share your story, strategies, and techniques that you think can help your potential client on their fitness journey.

Step 3: Decision

During the decision stage, your potential clients will want to dig deeper and learn more about your business, like the price of your services or your training sessions’ details.

A free consultation is perfect for this stage, as it allows you to show your ideal prospect what you have to offer them and what it will be like to have you as their trainer. Once they’re satisfied with the information they’ve collected, it’s time for them to make a decision.

Step 4: Action

Everything comes down to this stage when your leads are finally ready to purchase and become your certified client! Offering them membership is an excellent method to sell your digital courses and consulting services for a positive buyer experience.

Who knows, when they’re satisfied enough with your services, they might even give referrals to their friends, thus generating more leads!

The Bottom Line

Marketing your business online can be difficult. But, as long as you have our guide and use the best funnels for coaches, you are sure to grow your client network and generate more sales than ever before!

Being able to get a consistent flow of leads for your fitness business is essential for its growth and survival. We have a variety of ready-made funnels that are tried and tested to pull in leads from social media platforms and search engines. Have our team set up your lead collecting funnel for you in as little as ten days!