How to Improve Your Sales Funnels And Build Your Speaking Business

Everyone has a problem they need to solve, and that problem just changes every time. The same applies to those in business, as there are always issues and inefficiencies that you’ll need to work on!

Consultants and consultancy firms play a vital role in helping businesses and individuals in different fields overcome their challenges. They help clients face various hurdles and support them in many ways. The more problems they encounter, the more they are willing to seek professional help to overcome them.

Despite the high demand, being in the coaching or speaking business is not an easy feat. Having a one-on-one booking now and then is a good start. However, if you have been in the industry for a long time, you need to up your game and scale your business.

You must remember, successful speakers do not just wait for their break! They were able to scale their speaking businesses because they knew how to master their coaching sales funnel. If you want to experience the same level of success, here are some ways to improve your lead generation and convert them into paying clients.

1. Have a Valuable Offer

Have a Valuable Speaking Offer

People are willing to pay if they know that you have something good to offer. Knowing that they would get great value from your service is something they can never ignore. If you know that you can help them solve their problem, create a value proposition that would make them say yes.

Impress them and give them something to be excited about—and you can do this by presenting an elevator pitch. Tell them the general idea shortly and directly. Then, tell them the kinds of results they should expect. Keep the pitch as short as two minutes and leave the details later.

When they give you their time and attention later, surprise them with a winning proposal. Show a detailed plan of how they can get the results they need.

2. Make Your Niche and Speaking Topics a Bit Broader

Make Your Niche and Speaking Topics a Bit Broader

You might have heard of the importance of having a niche, but sometimes the opposite could also work for you. Perhaps one of the reasons your offer is getting rejected is that it does not meet your client’s needs.

If you can, try to start with an umbrella idea that you can turn into specifics later. You can increase your work scope and potential clients by doing this tip.

3. Create a More Targeted Prospective List For Your Speaking Business

Create a More Targeted Prospective List for your Speaking Business

Instead of limiting the type of services you offer, why not try restricting the kind of clients you want to get? Sometimes, people forget this critical step because they would rather have a project now than none at all! However, this tactic can also be counterproductive. Remember that people, including yourself, also have their limitations.

Doing these could help you tailor your offered services better to the right clients who are more likely to purchase your services and make you feel more fulfilled as well.

4. Take Your Speaking Business Online in Video Format

Take Your Speaking Business Online in Video Format

One of the effective ways to convince people of your capabilities is to bring them online. You may have been doing this for a long time through your online courses or website—but have you tried creating a video that showcases your story and skills?

The video format is a popular method that different coaches around the world use today. They create ad-like videos of them telling people about themselves and what they can do. Aside from having more engaging content, people would start to see you as a social influence. It could help you gain more traction, especially since you can boost your content and target a particular audience.

Getting Paid To Speak is an Art and Science

There is no exact formula on how you can be a high in-demand consultant. The only obvious method is how you should be prepared and confident about yourself and what you offer. You can begin again by trying these four tips we shared. Stay consistent, work smart, and keep on exploring new methods to improve your ways.

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