How to Make Money From Speaking

Get Paid to Speak with 3 Sales Funnel Models

Sales funnels are step-by-step processes that allow businesses to bring customers closer to an offer or transaction. All the phases that a consumer goes through in-between an initial recommendation and an eventual purchase can be varied. It can include automated email messages, video advertisements, blog posts, and other marketing strategies that can bring a consumer closer to committing to your service.

Thankfully, you don’t have to figure out a new way of attracting customers to your service if you know how to take notes from already existing strategies.

Running your business as a professional speaker who is paid to speak

Professional speakers have plenty of opportunities to gain clients still, even if live public events are discouraged at the time. Webinars and live streams are all the rage these days, allowing these professionals to invest in creative ways to execute sales funnels for their revenue stream.

In this article, we’ll share three sales funnel models you can integrate into your speaking business.

1. Video sales letters for Speaking Businesses

Video sales letters for Speaking Businesses

Your sales funnel model of choice should highlight your unique selling proposition and deliver on the promise of your benefits immediately. Through video sales letters, you can highlight your ability as a speaker and expert in your industry right away to prospective clients. Although video sales letters will land you cheaper views, it provides you much greater accessibility to a broader audience in your mailing list. Since your leads don’t have to sign-up for your service yet, they could be more willing to hear your sales pitch in action.

2. Launch an EBook

Make money from speaking

Being a master of words generally makes it easier for professional speakers to translate their knowledge in a text-based format. This is why professional speakers are also great content producers. A book funnel is a traditional lead magnet that can give you another product offering beneficial to your service. Although authoring your own book will take a while, it will pay off in dividends as a complementary guide in subscribing to your services.

Placing your thoughts and presentations in written text is more than just annotating your prepared speeches and courses; it improves your branding and credibility to prospective customers who want to learn your course through other means. This allows them to take more effective notes and be more willing to listen to your live sessions and courses.

3. Entice leads through free consultations

Entice leads through free consultations

A free trial period is arguably the best way to give your prospective leads an opportunity of trying your service and market what you can do best. This allows you to provide agency on your value as a service provider to clients facing specific issues and problems. A consulting funnel still works to your advantage, even though you’re not getting immediate revenue. Going through these consultation sessions will allow you and your prospective client to pre-qualify another on your compatibility. With a planned free consultation, you can identify whether you’re a good fit for each other for a short or long-term engagement.

Making Money From Speaking

Remember that your greatest asset during this time of crisis is your adaptability to different situations. Your credibility as a coach, consultant, or teacher will reflect how effective you are in marketing your services. This is why utilizing the best sales funnel for your niche can significantly positively affect your sales figures.

Whether you’re a rookie starting your business or a veteran in the field, your focus should always be on your craft and growth. This is why we provide easy-to-follow funnels for speakers and course creators as a blueprint for your business’s operations. If you want to gain more leads and sales without doing the heavy lifting, contact us today!