How to Generate Leads Using Video Sales Funnel that Drive Sales

Lead generation is essential for any business. And there are many strategies out there to help you attract more leads for your business. One such strategy is the use of sales funnels.

A sales funnel is basically the entire journey a lead takes to be converted into a customer. Picture a funnel. It is wide at the top and then narrows down to form a cone shape. When the lead reaches the tip of the funnel, which is when they are converted into a customer.

There are different types of sales funnels, and they each have their own set of advantages catered for different situations. For this article, we’ll talk about video sales funnels and how they can help your business’s lead generation.

What Are Video Sales Funnels?

A video sales funnel is a sales funnel that uses videos to generate leads. Here’s how it works. The first step is awareness. This is when people find your brand online, whether organically or deliberately. Next, they will start funneling down by watching your videos.

Your audience would likely watch a few videos to answer some questions they have and better understand their problem. They start to get hooked on the solutions you offer in the videos and might end up on your website’s landing page for more information. Depending on how you optimized your landing page, conversion might occur.

Why You Should Use Video Sales Funnels

With all the different kinds of sales funnels out there and other lead generation strategies, why should you use video sales funnels for your business?

Well, here are three good reasons that might convince you:

1. Search Engines Prioritize Video Results

One advantage video content has over the usual blog post is that search engines often prioritize video content in the search results. In roughly 20 percent of search queries, Google tends to put the video results at the top. This means that if your videos are optimized, they might end up on the very first page of the search results.

2. Users Go to Videos for Answers

When people go to Google to ask specific questions, they often prefer to click on the video results for answers. Information presented in video format is often easier to digest than reading text. Plus, videos are a more entertaining method of presenting information and answers to queries. This is especially true for questions that need a visual demonstration to answer.

3. Online Video Consumption Is Growing

People are constantly on their phones. And when they are, they’re most likely browsing social media apps. With creators posting content on social media and users sharing and reposting them, video consumption on these devices has undoubtedly grown.

How to Generate Leads Using Video Sales Funnels

Now that you understand the perks of using video sales funnels, you might be wondering how you can best utilize them for lead generation.

Here are three helpful tips for effective lead generation using video sales funnels:

1. Optimize Your Videos

The fact that Google puts videos at the top of search results doesn’t mean yours will automatically be included. To ensure your video gets selected for this, you need to optimize it.

2. Focus on Conversion

A big mistake you can make is putting a lot of effort into your funnel but then fumbling at the end. It is essential to create quality videos, but your efforts will be put to naught if you fail to convert your leads. Remember, the goal of lead generation is to convert them into customers. So, design your funnel such that leads will end up on your landing page after watching your videos. You should also ensure you optimize the landing page for conversion.

3. Use Ads

If you want to get a wider reach, use ads to promote your videos. By using paid video ads, you can reach your ideal customers more or less instantaneously. Make sure to allocate some funds for these ads, but don’t forget about organic reach at the same time!


Video sales funnels are excellent for lead generation. Optimize your videos, get paid ads for better reach, and focus on getting the users to your landing page and taking action there.

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