How To Gain New Coaching Clients Even Without Testimonials

The Ultimate Guide

Offering coaching services can be a great business opportunity. If you have skills and insight that may be beneficial to people looking to grow and thrive, you may want to use these skills to your advantage. However, the challenge of starting a new coaching or consulting business is not with the services you offer. Usually, new coaches struggle to gain new clients because they do not yet have testimonials from existing ones.

How does one compete in a cut-throat industry without client testimonials? While it may be difficult to gain clients without existing testimonials, it is possible to establish yourself in the industry and gain clients even if you are new to the business. This blog post will teach you how.

Building a Strong Coaching Clientele

In practically every industry, there are coaches and mentors providing insight for a price. You’ll have some competition. These coaches will already be established and will have existing clients that can give them stellar reviews and testimonials about their services. How does one compete with that?

Here are two things you can do to land your first clients and gain reviews quickly:

1. Offer Them a Guarantee

One extremely effective way to gain new clients as a new player in the game is to give them attractive offers. Customers love specials and if you offer a “money back guarantee” package, it may entice some of them to be interested in getting you as their coach. This guarantee will speak a lot about how confident you are that your services will be effective for them.

2. Have Them Fill Out a Questionnaire

Having any clients that come your way fill out a questionnaire will help you get a good idea of what parts of your coaching service worked the most for them. This questionnaire will give you a chance to improve and, at the same time, allow you to see what parts of your service benefitted them the most. You might even find that the positive sentiments shared in the questionnaire can be used as testimonials from these clients.

When requesting questionnaire responses, ask your clients to provide information that will be beneficial in the long run. How did their performance change in their time working with you? Why did they choose you over other coaches? Would they recommend your services?

After they accomplish the questionnaire, you may then ask for their permission to publish the information they shared.


If you have the skills, are ready with the service packages you want to offer your clients, you are already halfway there! Just gaining a foothold is the beginning. Once you’ve landed your first few clients who are overjoyed to have worked with you, it’ll be much easier to increase your client base.

At the same time, remember to be patient. Establishing yourself in an industry as competitive as the coaching one will take time. With our tips, however, you’ll be able to start gaining traction and building your business from the ground up.

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