5 Flaws Coaches Should Avoid in their Sales Funnel Strategy

It’s important to be meticulous when developing the techniques for your sales funnel marketing strategy. A good sales funnel can be vital in delivering and explaining why a client needs some coaching or a certain course.

Because the possibilities are endless, it can be tough to balance what aspects are too much or what you are lacking. It can be overwhelming, to say the least, but knowing the possible mistakes you can make along the way can usually help you prevent them from hurting your sales funnel. Here are a couple of flaws every coach should steer clear of in your sales funnel strategy:

1. Being Too General

Most coaches have developed the notion that speaking to a general audience and offer more general topics can be more inclusive for possible customers who are eyeing to become a patron. However, even if this principle means well, it can usually do more harm than good for your sales funnel.

It’s better to specialize in something and have a personalized message for a specific group of people who will actually benefit from the course. It will be better for customer attraction in the long run, and you have a higher chance of retaining that person since they have an interest in the niche you’re focusing on.

2. Using a Confusing CTA

At the end of any published content, this is usually where a call to action is placed to convert readers into customers. However, some may forget to specify what exactly they want a consumer to do upon reading. Others opt not to add a CTA at all.

Instead of writing a confusing CTA, be direct and concise in what you want to say. Use phrases like ‘subscribe to our newsletter today’ or ‘start your free trial now’ on your CTA instead of leaving the space unused or unoptimized. Your audience will appreciate having direction.

3. Having Inadequate Market Research

Conducting market research is important to stay attuned to your audience and their needs. It also helps to know the hardships and desires of your audience. That knowledge can make it easier to appeal to them better and to come off as more relatable. Keeping focus on your market is a must in order to carry out a sales funnel accurately.

4. Coming Off Too Strong

Most people have an adverse reaction to salespeople who are being too pushy. Not only does that apply to eCommerce, but it also applies to educational materials and resources. When you’re trying to market something, it’s better to take it slow and try your best not to come off too strong rather than relaying the information and having a potential customer run off.

5. Forgetting to Check Your Performance

One way to keep track of how efficient your sales funnel is by checking its analytics and using it to measure your performance. If you don’t have any key performance indicators, it’s never too late to form a set, so you have a basis for what aspects need work and what must be maintained.


Being a coach doesn’t make you a stranger to being a speaker, but sales can just be more frustrating. With a bit of time, effort and mindfulness, you’ll learn the ropes and generate a lot of leads for your products and services.

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