Do These 3 Fascinating Things Before You Coach, Train or Speak

Authenticity means that your behaviour matches the way you feel on the inside. Being authentic means being yourself with others in a way that feels natural and appropriate. This might mean sharing your thoughts, feelings, or experiences without concern for what others think of you.

Authenticity is often something that comes naturally; you can be speaking passionately about a topic and the excitement will come through. However, there are ways to ensure authenticity even if your enthusiasm isn’t quite as high.

Before you talk to an audience, think about what is most important for you to convey. Tie your own views in with this message when communicating so that the listeners can identify with it which will make your presentation much more effective.

As a coach, trainer, and speaker you need to do 3 things before you speak. These three steps will help your audience understand the topic and train them on how to solve their problem. It is also imperative that you define what your objective for this speech is so that your audience knows exactly what they are going to get out of it when they are done listening or reading.

Let’s go over these 3 steps now!

State the topic and claim it as your own

This is important because when you are speaking on a given topic, there may be many different viewpoints or opinions about that subject so if you define what yours is then people can see how it differs from other points of view. Another reason to state your viewpoint up front is so that people know your view on the topic before you start talking about it.

Define your issue and problem

So that people know what they are listening to or reading for. It is also important, when defining a problem, to give real life examples of the consequences if this problem isn’t solved because statistics have shown that people are more likely to support things which they believe will have a positive outcome.

Define your objective

So that people know what you want to get out of. You can do this by stating the goal or an individual thing which needs to be achieved, such as “having more confident speakers.”

Think about the objective for your presentation. What do you want your listeners to be thinking as they leave? Remembering your motivation will help you make it more authentic.

Having an understanding these three things before speaking on any given topic allows for anticipation and understanding of what is to come.

Remember these three things before coaching, training or speaking: defining your problem, objective and claiming a topic. This will allow for anticipation and understanding of what is to come, and have a positive outcome.

What are your next steps to claim your area of expertise? Share in the comment section!