Do NOT Create Your Course Until You Sell It

A Step-by-Step Guide

Would you like to know the secret of selling your course?

You can presell it. If you want to make money online, then this is a strategy that you should implement. In fact, many experts recommend that before creating an online course or any other product for sale, they first presell it.

This allows them to create content and marketing material based on what their customer wants. It also helps them figure out how much time they need to spend developing the product and preparing for launch day. This post will help guide you on how to create your course once someone has already bought it.

Do NOT create your course until you sell it

This is the advice I give to all of my clients who are in the preselling mode, but it’s also a lesson I’ve learned in life. The truth is that if you don’t know how to market yourself and promote your product, then no one will buy from you.

Pre-selling is the perfect time to build out your course, find your target market, and develops a strategy for selling it after you launch. The pre-selling process is where all of the heavy lifting will happen. You can do presell by reaching out to your target market and pre-selling by email, social media, or in person.

When you pre-sell an online course, you’ll have built-in buyers and a prebuilt list of people who want to buy your product. Online courses can take a lot of time and work to build, but the pre-selling process will save you a ton of that. Selling before you create it is a powerful way to ensure you have the right audience lined up for your product.

How to start teaching about your expertise

Find somebody that you can teach and while you’re teaching them, you will create your own online course

Knowing that people are eager to buy your course before it has been created is a great motivator for getting it done. If you can get a group of customers to order your course as they anticipate its release, then when you are finally ready to put the content out there and DO IT – getting over any hurdles will not be as difficult.

Before creating your online course, wait until you have a good idea of how to distribute what’s being created. The critical thing to keep in mind when you want to create an online course is that once it is complete, you will end up wasting your time and money. However, by pre-selling this course, the risk of a flop becomes much lower because if the course does not sell well then it’s not a waste of your time or resources.

By the time you start teaching, your audience will start to give you a better understanding of what information you need to improve and enhance your teaching

If you want to increase the value of your course, find a targeted group of people who will give you feedback. You can then use that information to work out any issues before releasing your course.

The sooner you involve your audience in the validation and creation of your online course, the sooner you can provide a course that they desire.

Before you create your online course, make sure you feel comfortable doing what it is that’s being taught. Ideally, you have experience teaching the material in a one-on-one setting or working with clients over time before turning to an online course.

Think about the first two modules that you want to teach and start teaching

Sell your course upfront to generate revenue that can be used for the creation and promotion of your content, minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses.

If you’ve sold your course before creating it, be prepared to actually make the course in the time frame that you promised your customers. If they don’t get what they expected, complaints and refund requests will ensue. In general, this is a terrible situation.

Focus on the end-user and their experience instead of focusing solely on yourself. This will help you avoid common pitfalls while building your product, keep your customers happy, retain a good reputation with prospects, and build trust in your brand.

Pre-selling your course will help you feel confident that it will be profitable. Pre-sales also allow you to create a custom course for your audience, address any kinks in the process, and ensure that you’re selling the best product possible.

Benefits Of Pre-Selling Your Online Course

  • Feel confident about your product before you launch it.
  • Get feedback from customers that will help improve the course for other prospects and current buyers.
  • Built trust in your brand by following through on what you promise.
  • It saves time and money.

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