Business Lessons I Learned From “Real Housewives of Atlanta”

In business, the more you want to earn, the more you’ll need to show yourself. The more eyeballs you have on you, the more you run risk of people criticizing you or your business online. 

Nobody is five-star 100% of the time. You need to show that you’re human.

As a business, speaker, coach or brand, you can still be doing your best to show up with all of your strengths and resources. You can and are always continuing to grow and develop. We’re all a work in progress, and we are the same, human

Nobody in this world is five-star perfect, and understanding this fact wouldn’t hurt ourselves. Slow down the expectation of perfection from yourself and stop expecting sheer perfection from others.

Why do we always expect others to be five star perfect assuming that we are perfect. We are humans and we all make mistakes.

No matter how hard we try to be five-star perfect, we never seem to get everything exactly right. Aiming for perfection can motivate us to work harder, do better or accomplish more than we otherwise might. But maybe there’s also a time to let it be and let go. 

99% is far more human than 100% recognize your flaws are actually working for you and not against you. 

Embracing your flaws is an important part of life. It will help you maintain, and even develop your self-esteem.

Most of us are taught to hide our flaws. To be embarrassed of that which isn’t perfect about us. However, flaws are the very thing that makes us human and connects us to the world.

Our flaws are the roots of our being, the very things that make us who we are. If we hide our flaws, if we run from them, we are denying our very being, that which makes us unique.

Like it or not, we’re all flawed. Not a single one of us is perfect. And that’s one of the great things about life. We all have so many wonderful things to offer and, yet, we’re not always so wonderful. Not only do we have flaws, but each of us struggles with feeling flawed (which is, perhaps, a flaw in and of itself).

But whether the flaws that plague you, be it emotional, mental, or physical flaws, the key to overcoming them is knowing how to accept them and ultimately fall in love with them.

Our flaws are what make us unique. They are what grounds us. They are, in a sense, what keep us in the present. 

Don’t compare yourself to others or rate it yourself on a scale of good/bad. Your flaw is what it is. Accept it for what it is and realize that it is a part of you. If it is something you can (or will not) change, acceptance is the only option for truly loving yourself (all of yourself). Your flaws make you who you are, so embrace them!

The more you seem vulnerable, the more people will interact with you.

When we are vulnerable, we can more easily get hurt. We can get physically maimed or killed by a predator. Emotional attacks can make us afraid of rejection. Avoiding vulnerability seems to make perfect sense.

Be tough to increase your chances of a long life. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to hurt you. Live your life and don’t let anyone affects you negatively.

When we have people we can trust with our deepest vulnerabilities, we increase our ability to be resilient in the face of chance and change.

Being vulnerable or not is a choice reality of living. What we do with that vulnerability can either open doors to a deeper connection or throw up walls that stifle growth and fulfillment.

John Lawson

The Real Housewives of Atlanta did not take into account the consequences of being criticized and becoming reality stars. By now, the Housewives have learned that attempting to preserve your mistakes in the vinegar of the past is futile. Because these days, anyone with a search engine can unscrew your shame, dump it in a pot, and turn up the heat.

Not everyone likes to be criticized, but if he does then he is no more an ordinary human.

Have you ever received a bad review? How did you deal with it? Share it in the comment section.