Awe-Inspiring Reasons to Teach What You Know Today: What You Really, Really Know

What does it mean to be authentic? It’s not just telling people what they want to hear. Authenticity is about being true and honest with yourself, others, and the world.

Your authenticity sets you apart from everyone else in your field – it gives you a competitive edge that other coaches don’t have. Authenticity is the foundation of all coaching. Teaching what you know will help keep your authentic voice and make it easier for others to trust in you as a coach.

One way to set yourself apart as an entrepreneur or coach is by teaching what you know today!

Here are awe-inspiring reasons WHY:

1. Teaching what you know will make your business more profitable. The most important thing in any type of coaching or entrepreneurship is profit margins. As long as there are people out there willing to invest in knowledge, then coaching and teaching should always be on top of mind for entrepreneurs and coaches.

2. Teaching what you know can also increase profits by reducing client turnover rates. The more knowledge people have about their lives or businesses, the less they need coaching help all the time.

3.  Learning is never wasted. Your clients will be able to feel confident enough to try things on their own because they’ll have gained some basics of understanding from learning. This means that when they do call back for guidance or coaching support, they’ll be more likely to stay with you and not call someone else.

As a coach, teaching is the perfect way for you to share your wisdom while deepening relationships with clients. Not only does it build trust between coaching partners, but it also builds confidence in the client’s own skillset.

4.  Teaching what we know helps us solidify our knowledge as well. It forces us to take time out of our busy lives or business days, step back from problems long enough so that they can no longer overwhelm us because we’re able to see them clearly now.

5. Teaching what we know helps us to see the other side of a problem. We might have lost perspective on an issue because it’s constantly nagging at our minds, but teaching about this issue gives you some relief and more clarity on how to deal with it.

6. When coaching out of your area of expertise, teach what you do know first before trying to coach someone else in something they’re not familiar with. This builds trust as they are willing to accept feedback from you when they’ve seen that you understand their world too.

7. Teaching the things that you know inside out is a form of self-protection against burnout.

8. Teaching is a leadership skill and it’s important for people to see leaders in the classroom. The world needs your knowledge now more than ever so take that risk of being authentic even if you’re not sure about how receptive they will be because at least then, when it doesn’t work out, you can say “I gave my all”.

If you really want to teach your subject area to others, you have to be authentic! You are only authentic when you teach about a subject that you really own. There are many fake teachers out there, so focus on your area of expertise and authenticity will naturally follow.

What is your area of expertise that you want to teach other people? Write it down in the comment section below.