4 Simple Tips to Improve your Coaching Sales Funnel

Professional business coaches have so much on their plate when it comes to marketing and sales. You have to build and execute your strategy on your own or with minimal help. The process can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially given the sea of competition all over the world.

If you’ve been struggling to set up your coaching sales funnel, you are not alone, and this article is here to help you troubleshoot the issues you’ve been facing. Soon, you’ll have an effective and highly efficient sales funnel that will bring in more clients and more revenue for you!

4 Tips to Improve Your Coaching Sales Funnel

1. Do Your Research

One of the most common mistakes business and brand owners make is that they think they know their audience. But the truth is, even if you’ve been working in your niche for years, you will never truly know your audience unless you do market research. Even if you have been a client once upon a time, client tastes and preferences change and evolve over time. You are not your market.

The best way to find out what your prospective clients want is to ask them directly. A simple survey asking about package preferences and other pertinent details will give you firsthand feedback on how to best approach your sales funnel. You will know what language to use on your landing pages, what type of products they’re interested in, and what other discounts and offers they would want to purchase.

Information from your existing customer base can help you decide what steps to take next.

2. Punch Up Your Opt-In

If you already have an opt-in incentive that you offer your potential clients, it’s time to take another look at it and find ways to punch it up. Remember that customers respond to valuable, unique content—make sure you are ticking these two all-important boxes as you create.

If you don’t have an opt-in incentive yet, you can use the data gained through market research to create content that your prospects will most respond to. If your audience prefers video, a webinar or video training modules can be an excellent avenue for you. Opt-ins can also come in the form of ebooks, resource guides, worksheets, and audio downloads.

Your opt-in should be your best foot forward, so be as creative and engaging as you possibly can!

3. Keep Follow-Ups Simple

Once you’ve nailed down your opt-in, your follow-ups should build on the free material you’ve just given your potential customer. Sending in further tips and case studies of how other people have benefited from your coaching will help entice your prospects and up your conversion rates.

4. Offer The Premium Package

The end of all your sales funnels will be all about your premium coaching offer. It should be bigger and grander than all your previous content, answering all your prospects’ burning questions. Your sales conversions rely on your final offer, so you should make it irresistible!


Building a funnel for your coaching services can be complicated. Simple steps such as doing market research and punching up your opt-in offer can help tremendously in bringing in more prospects and eventually converting them into sales. With an effective sales funnel, your customers will be excited to buy anything that you offer!

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