5 Guide Steps on Making a Compelling Sales Funnel

Every Coach Should Know

Being an entrepreneur selling your service and talent is like having any other business. An online coach, for example, needs to come up with a solid marketing plan to help them grow their business and increase their sales. They need to establish their brand, generate leads, and convert them into paying clients or customers.

If you’re wondering how you can track all that as you work on everything on your own, that is where the sales funnel comes in. Having a funnel can give your business structure. It is a vital element that should always be part of the marketing plan.

What Is a Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel is the step-by-step process to bring your potential client one step closer to where you want them to be. That is to acquire your offer or take a next step that would bring them closer to the conversion, either through clicking the landing page or subscribing to your newsletter.

Sales Funnel for an Online Coaching Business

Perhaps you already know how the sales funnel works for other businesses, but what about an online coach like you? Selling a product is not the same as selling a skill or talent, but it is not supposed to be complicated. Here are the steps to include in your sales funnel.

Step 1: Create Awareness

The most crucial step of all is the ‘Awareness’ stage. You need your clients to know about you first before they acquire your service. The best way you can make people familiar with you while leaving an impact is to become the solution they need.

Knowing what problem they are trying to solve would help you intercept with your target audience. If you know that your target audience is looking for “business coaching services,” you can market yourself accordingly. Create content that would lead them to your service. Write an e-book, create webinars, or produce shareable content online.

Step 2: Cultivate Their Interest

Once you already caught their attention, it is time to build on that interest and allow it to grow. Remember that interest can fade quickly, so think of ways to keep people already in this part of the funnel to become more engaged and interested in your service. Make them want more.

Consider developing more content, give them access to your podcast, or invite them to sign up for your weekly newsletter. The promise of getting more answers to their questions without giving it all would make them come back for more.

Step 3: The Evaluation Part

This part is when they would start to compare you with other similar business coaches. Think of the potential doubts they might have about you and find a way to convince them otherwise. For example, they might question your experience. Before they even do that, have a section on your website dedicated to showcasing your accomplishments and experience to prove you are worth listening to.

Step 4: The Decision Making

Here is the crucial part where your lead would decide whether they would acquire your service or move on to their next option. Their choice is out of your control, but if you give them a good pitch on why they should consider you, then they are more likely to get in touch with you soon.

Step 5: The Purchase

This step is also dependent on your client, but you also have to make the process simple and easy for those interested in your service. Take the opportunity to make this step more advantageous for you by asking for their essential information, such as their email address and permission, to send them messages about exclusive offers and discounts.


Designing every part of the consumer’s journey is part of a great marketing tactic. Knowing what they want, supplying it to them, and promising to supply more may encourage people to give you and your service a chance.

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