3 Sales Funnel Ideas To Grow and Maintain your Leads

For consultants, their dream is to achieve a consistent flow of leads. Through leads, businesses make money, and without leads, companies will struggle to survive, let alone thrive. As such, if you are a consultant, it is highly likely that you are searching for the best sales funnel ideas to maintain that consistent flow despite the harsh competition the world of business has to offer.

With that said, if you are looking for great sales funnel ideas to grow and maintain a steady flow of leads, you are in the right place. Here are some fantastic sales funnel ideas you should try out:

Hero Funnels

Hero funnels offer some of the most flexible and unique consulting funnels you can ever find. This is because, with this type of funnel, you are featuring your best social profiles, branding content, books, blog posts, and anything else that you wish to promote.

Creativity is your limit here, and with hero funnels, you are telling a story. Your goal is to tell your prospects all about who you are, and hopefully, your prospects resonate with what you say and learn to like you. What you are building here is trust, and that trust can lead to loyal customers that will bring you plenty of sales for many years to come.

Survey Funnels

Survey funnels are exceptionally useful for screening your prospects and categorizing them based on their answers and responses. This means that when you do reach out to the prospect, you have a brief idea of who you are dealing with; you will be able to cater your responses to them and make those responses as relevant as possible.

Another amazing advantage of survey funnels is that they help you save a lot of money. Rather than having you screen prospects, a survey funnel will do it for you. Depending on the responses they make, you will know who is more likely to convert for you and can focus your efforts on those individuals when you do come around to respond.

Webinar Funnels

Webinar funnels do everything for you, from generating leads to building your authority. Of course, the challenge here is to know how to build a webinar in the first place. Fortunately, your source of topics is right there: your leads. Identify the topics you believe that they would love to hear about, whether it be your business process, benefits of your products, and more. Do not forget to transition it to a sales pitch either, as this is the cherry on top of your whole webinar funnel that will move participants to buy from you.


There are many other exciting sales funnel strategies out there that you can definitely give a go, from reverse-squeeze page funnels down to book funnels. Regardless, all of the above are excellent ways to discover leads and slowly move them a step closer to making the purchase decision. Keep in mind that you are not alone if you do need help with sales funnels. There are agencies out there with plenty of knowledge on the topic, and they can help you come up with fun and creative sales funnels to capture your audience.

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